Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Goowy is a service that offers you tools for communicating and sharing on the web.
It has the following things: a instent messenger; e-mail & contacts, a calnder, file storing & games. You can import you e-mail account from Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail or you could open your own account at goowy. Goowy has a lot of fun stuff, starting with quite a lot of flash based games' aounther nice tjing about goowy are it's or minis as there called widgets which includ rss, to do list, search and more. You can make minor changes in the skin and upload your on wallpaper if you want' but other then that ther is not much ti say on the dising. It work quite fast for a Web 2.0 based application, which makes it good web based tool for pepole who have to work in different work satations.